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Thick Under Eye Pads (35pk)

Lash Supplies Mississauga
Lash Supplies Mississauga
- Great for clients with larger under-eye space
- Hydrogel 
- Versatile shape
- Matte white finish for visibility
- Lint Free

Lash Supplies Mississauga
Lash Supplies Mississauga

Why Hydrogel

Hydrogel consist of 90 percent water in a gel base which will increase the water content on the skin’s surface as well as more radiance, clarity, and improved texture. Your client's will absolutely love the feeling of it. 

Matte White Finish

The matte white finish is meant to enhance the natural lash visibility. This will make it much easier to isolate and map out your set. 

Versatile Shape

The under eye gel pads has a very unique shape. These gel pads are able to curve with the eye and follow it's shape, which allows it to stick very well to the skin.