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This community is dedicated to supporting and uplifting lash artists in your profession.

We will guide you to your goals of being an above average lash artist.

  • Thirsty To Scale Up

  • Aspiring To Earn $100k+ Yearly

  • Eager To Remain Educated

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how does it work?

An Online Lash Community

Continuous learning with like-minded individuals: moving beyond information to implementation for lash artists seeking scalability beyond beginner levels.

Step 1.

Click the 'JOIN THE COMMUNITY' and watch the short video upon entry to the website to learn more about the community and it's platform.

Step 2.

Sign up to join other like minded individuals, then you'll gain access to our informative courses, e-books, workshops and so much more.

Step 3.

Gain 'points' and after you obtain a certain amount, you'll level up: then unlocking unreal benefits e.g. free lash kits, 1:1 calls and courses over 11k!

a lash industry first

We aim to instill confidence, skills, and knowledge in lash artists, helping you excel in you career and overcome any challenges you may face in the industry.

Education is a key component of our mission, offering training programs, workshops, and resources to help you improve techniques, stay updated on industry trends, and grow your businesses.

Overall, we will serve as a supportive network where you can connect with peers, share experiences, and access valuable resources to further your professional development and success.

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