We've brought luxury to the eyelash extension industry!


Our team of beauty experts and professional lash technicians strive to continuously innovate eyelash extension products in order to allow lash artists to fully maximize their craft.

Why Choose Us?


Here at Flowrish, we aim to give the spotlight to your creativity, all while delivering top-quality eyelash extension products at the best value. We’re not just a beauty marketplace - we're also a brand that provides service and education to efficiently optimize the craftsmanship of lash technicians.











The team behind Flowrish Lashes understands the craft of being a professional lash artist. We strive to create and continuously innovate lash products that are both affordable and reliable at the same time. 

We’re a brand that started small and worked our way up - so we know the struggles of mastering this craft! It’s often a tough battle between quality and affordability. Sadly, some choose to compromise quality for better profit. We're putting an end to that. 

Thriving in the eyelash extension industry is quite a process, especially because a lot of people try to cut corners. We believe that if a lash artist is properly equipped with the right tools and practical education, they can achieve optimal success. 


For us, luxury isn’t defined by the price, but rather by quality, class and efficiency in order to give your clients ultimate satisfaction.

Quality Lashes


We create lash sets in various volumes to keep the integrity of every client's lashes - no matter how thin or short their natural lashes may be.


Toronto Lash Supplies

Expert Tips

When you use Flowrish Lashes, you'll gain access expert tips & tricks to help you succeed in your lash business and keep those clients coming back!

Professional Tools

Our professional collection of tweezers, mirrors, fans and other accessories are affordable and developed especially for lash artists.

Meet Ariel Renee

Our Founder


When Ariel started lashing 5 years ago, she felt incapable of ever being successful in the lash extension industry due to her training - which was expensive and underwhelming. She ended up teaching herself most of her techniques and came back stronger than ever by just sticking with it.

Searching for the right extension brand proved to be a huge challenge for Ariel. Like other lash artists just starting out, she went for the cheapest product. She quickly learned that the cheaper brands were cheap for a reason!  She wanted to create a brand that would focus on product quality, spreading valuable information and all while being affordable to everyone.

Ariel's inspiration for Flowrish Lashes was to not to only provide quality products to other lash artists, but to make sure that future lash artists looking to learn will never experience the lack of motivation that she did by providing as much value with her products as possible. Ariel and the Flowrish Lashes team have brought luxury back to the lash world at an affordable price - all while educating every step of the way.

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