Flowrish Lashes is a company with a massive passion for lashes. We have 5+ years experience in lashing and supplies. Our goal is to bring the luxury back into eyelash extensions. There are lash techs on every corner now and a lot are doing the bare minimum. We know how hard the hustle is to become a great lash tech let alone a trainer. That’s why we want to start here. We want to help you shape those who have the passion and want to know how to do things the right way. Flowrish wants to help you and your students flowrish one lash at a time! 

How the sponsorship works? 

You will be provided with Flowrish Lashes products to teach and include in students kits free of charge. This will allow for a higher profit in your training price. Once you have tried a variety of Flowrish products, you will then get the chance to choose select items to include in your training that you genuinely believe in. All products will come individually packaged allowing you to include them in your existing training kits.

What is qualified? 

 We want to ensure students are being taught what they need to know to succeed. One of our requirements is that you send us a quick outline of what you cover in your program. It does not have to be detailed because we understand the work it takes to create a unique training program. We just want to see the topics being covered so we know students are being prepared to handle product right and safely. Our second and last requirement is that you be a certified and registered business. Many lash techs work and train from home and that’s perfectly fine. We just want to ensure legalities are taken care of. Please feel free to ask us any questions you may have about requirements. If you are not sure if you qualify just ask us and we can let you know.

Thriving in the eyelash extension industry is quite a process, especially because a lot of people try to cut corners. We believe that if a lash artist is properly equipped with the right tools and practical education, they can achieve optimal success

Showing making procedure is a good way to guarantee product quality

What is Flowrish getting out of this

We love what we do, and it shows in the quality of our products. This will give us the chance to get exposure and grow our brand While we want to get our name out there, we also love to help our fellow lash artists with their training as well as help make things easier for the students by providing tools and products that will help them grow as future lash professionals.  We hope to connect new lash artists in the industry and build a long term relationship with them 

Our team of beauty experts and professional lash artists strive to continuously innovate eyelash extension products in order to allow lash artists to fully maximize their craft.

Get customer attention by clean visual and video

We want to build relationships. Our company is newly growing business and here at Flowrish we understand the value of building relations with lash artists across the globe. We do not only want to grow but we also want to help in any way we can to help you grow your business and achieve that goal to financial freedom.