But Why Train With Us?

Unlike other lash brands, we dedicate ourselves to more than just training you. We want to see you succeed, which is why, even after you've completed your training, we are always open to help. You'll receive training that not only provides you with the knowledge and confidence you need to do lashes, but also show you how to have fun doing it!

It's about making this industry better and that starts with YOU. Being able to provide the most extensive training possible to the future of this industry is the ultimate goal. We want you to shape the lash world and bring back the luxurious element this service was meant to have. Creating our courses wasn't an easy task but we were up for the challenge and we perfected it.

We also offer tailored consultations. Whether you need advice on isolation, how to get faster or general guidance within lashing, Ariel will put together a consultation that'll leave you feeling assured and optimistic.

100% would recommend

5700+ Lash Rehab Members

170 + Students Trained

10 Years + Combined Experience

100% Satisfaction Rate

5 Successful Webinars

Trust us when we say we have perfected our courses. Desgined to keep the expereince as personal as possible, you'll feel supported and confidence from start to finish.

Classic lashing is the foundation of the entire skill and it's what you need for longevity in the industry. The entire course covers a tonne of knowledge you won't get anywhere else: along with first hand marketing tips to have you thriving as a lash artist in no time.

Volume lashing comes with time and should be perfected before performing. We have over 10 years experience under our belt and our trainings include ongoing support and a once in a lifetime experience.


a COMPLETE eyeLASH extension KIT


everything you need and more..

Eyelash Extension Classic Lashes Training

an extensive TRAINING MANUAL


two full days of training

Eyelash Artist Merch and Women

ongoing LIFE TIME SUPPORT after your training is completed