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Possess an almost zen like mastery to your craft.

Demand higher, longer-lasting retainers from your dream clients (the freedom to choose)

Get exclusive support from Ariel and the entire Flowrish team

Ariel Renee here,

You’ve stumbled across this page for a reason.

It’s not because you’ve just heard of this crazy profession of being a “lash artist” and it’s not because you’re a “sceptic” as to if this is the right path for you.

It’s because you have no earthly idea where to begin!

You want to take this seriously but don’t know who to trust.

You’ve binged all the You-tube tutorials but just can’t shake this feeling that there’s something missing.


It’s because you’re exasperated. You’re frustrated. And you know you can do better.

You’re stuck in a pair of “golden handcuffs”: running a halfway sustainable lash business but beholden to your clients, your schedule, and your phone.

You’ve broken the one inviolable rule of being a lash tech and not kept a full pipeline.

You know that you can reach the upper echelon of your profession making multiple six figures, whilst not working yourself to the bone.

You just don’t know how...

Courses We Offer

The way you learn is unique to YOU and we recognize that. We want to cater to your specific needs and make sure you are ready to take the lash world head on!


1:1 - Classic


1:1 - Volume


Virtual - Classic


Virtual - Volume


Masterclass - Volume

Our Mission

It's about making this industry better and that starts with YOU. Being able to provide the most extensive training possible to the future of this industry is the ultimate goal. We want you to shape the lash world and bring back the luxurious element this service was meant to have.

Creating our courses was no easy task but we were up for the challenge and we perfected it for you!

Some numbers do matter

Students trained


Lash Rehab Members


Satisfaction rate


Who would recommend

10 years combined experience

Arleth Meza Irving, TX

"I loved training with Ariel! She's such a great instructor, she explained everything very well! Ariel made sure I found a method I was comfortable with and helped me every step of the way until I was able to make some beautiful fans! I can't wait to take a master course with her in the future!"

Meet your educators

Ariel renee

Master Educator and Lash Artist of 7 Years

My inspiration for Flowrish Lashes was to not to only provide quality products to other lash artists, but to make sure that future lash artists looking to learn will never experience the lack of motivation that I did by providing as much value with my products as possible. Myself and the Flowrish Lashes team have brought luxury back to the lash world at an affordable price - all while educating every step of the way.

Dannii Edwards

Marketing Coordinator and Last Artist of 3 years

After needing to take a step back from full time lashing, I found a passionate lash company which would help better my education and widen my horizons, as well as assisting Flowrish with their marketing, I also lash part time. Using FWL products this has allowed me to provide the best sets for my clients.

Clients Day Week Month
1 $150 $600 $2400
2 $300 $1200 $4800
3 $450 $1800 $7200
4 $600 $2400 $9600
5 $750 $3000 $12000

Potential erarnings


Let's break down what your potential income can be. Don't underestimate what lashing can do for you!

Pay in 4 installments of X with Afterpay

We now offer Afterpay on our products and for our training, meaning you can spread the cost apart.

Pay in 4 installments of X with Afterpay

We now offer Afterpay on our products and for our training, meaning you can spread the cost apart.

Put simply, this is a finite resource and It’s why I created each one of my trainings…

...not so I can show you a half-baked overview of how to foray into this business.

So you could take, copy and paste the exact methods I use in my own business into yours.

See you inside…

Frequently Asked Questions

We offer Classic and Volume courses, as well as consultations with our Master Educator.

There is so much information to take on board and doing both courses at once becomes overwhelming and too much to be absorbed.We want you to feel confident and ready when our course is over- not overrun and confused. With that being said, we want to ensure you get the absolute most out of your training, hence why we offer 2 separate courses.

Our training courses include a starter kit which include an Extensive Training Manual, Lash Trays, a Mannequin Head, Infinite Bond Adhesive, 2 pairs of Tweezers (Isolation & Volume), Remover & Primer, Mascara Wands & Glue Rings, Tape & Pads. If there is anything else from our website you wish to purchase for your training we will provide you with a discount code.

We want to ensure you train with the best products available, we have spent years and with countless vendors ensuring we have the highest grade products, our training prices include the kit and you are unable to train without using our products.

We are unable to offer evening training but we can waiver on days depending on both parties availability.

Our training is a certificate of completion.

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