Isolation Tweezer Diamond Grip
Isolation Tweezer Diamond Grip

Isolation Tweezer Diamond Grip

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Extremely soft
Rich dark velvet finish
Cruelty free
Long lasting curl
Easy to fan with
Easy to fan with

The Perfect Curve for Complicated Lashes

Flowrish’s uniquely curved isolation tweezers are specially crafted to enhance precision and provide unparalleled isolation capabilities. With the Curved Isolation Tweezers, you can make sure that not a single eyelash escapes your expert hands, no matter how difficult to separate. 

This tweezer sports an extremely sharp tip for the precise isolation of every lash no matter how faint or how thick. The shape of this tweezer will help with timing and assist with difficult natural or unruly lashes. Couple that with the anti-wrist-fatigue design, and you’ve got a tweezer for the ages.

With this tweezer, lashing has never been easier.

Features and Benefits

  • High-quality metal that will keep firm and allow an easy hold
  • Tight hold that will grip and hold even the smallest lash
  • The perfect tool for adding a chic look to your kit
  • Ergonomic design allows for minimum pain and maximum control

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Erika Chanez
Diamond isolation tweezer

I love this tweezer. I was struggling at first w isolation but once I bought these tweezers I ain’t going back. They work perfectly w isolation.

Best tweezer !

Definitely beginner friendly, I use it for almost every set since I bought it :)

Gabbie Garcia
Awesome Tweezer

Im very pleased with the tweezer, the grip is fantastic, the color is amazing. All in all its a great product :)

Rosee Henry

I love them!

Anahi Juarez

Love them!!💕💕

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