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Tulip Classic 0.20 Flat Lashes

Why Flat lashes?

Flowrish Flat Lashes are meant to give a velvety black luxe look while cutting the weight down to keep the natural lash healthy and happy. Also, providing the softest set of classic lashes. Flowrish strives to create the most stunning sets while keeping the integrity of every clients lash no matter how thin or short their natural lash may be.

 Features and Benefits

-Semi-Matte black finish with no blue hue

-Tapered to perfection

-Split tip to create the softest lash

-.20 look in thickness with the weight of a .15

-Creates a Dark Lashline with a feathered tip

Mix Tray lengths: 8mm-15mm

Each of our lashes is packaged in our signature paper boxes with a length indicator on each strip to easily identify. Our trays are made to be efficient and increase lashing speed. Each tray has 12 rows with over 3000 lashes per tray.