Ultra Lash Fan
Ultra Lash Fan
Ultra Lash Fan
Ultra Lash Fan
Ultra Lash Fan
Ultra Lash Fan

Ultra Lash Fan

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Our ultra lash fan has a dual use as power bank 2-in-1 with 3 modes of air flow. What makes our fan different?

With our low noise operation and direct air on specific areas we pride ourselves on high quality and have your best interests at heart.

The high air pressure is like no other and our durable, yet lightweight, design is exactly what every lash artist and client needs.

Whether you're on the go or salon based, this convenient and compact lash fan should be in everyone's kit!

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    not just a product brand

    Flowrish are here to be your lashing mentor. Our mission is to see you succeed.

    In an industry where you are every part of your business, we are here to be a helping hand to help shape you into being the best version of yourself.

    Everything you need, right here

    Lashing is more than a skill, it’s a way of life. Let us help take you to the person you want and thrive to be. The best quality sets are created with high quality products, period.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 7 reviews
    Bianca Cargill
    It’s a great fan. Nice weight.

    Great fan, nice weight, good charging options. I just wish there was a fan vent on both sides of the top so they could dry both sides at one time if I needed them to. Otherwise great fan!

    Kelly Rosario
    The best fan ever!

    I have used many fans throughout the months, and this is by far my favorite. This is the best fan I’ve ever used! I need to re-up and get another one

    Tateka Severs
    Ohhhh she's sexy!

    This fan is beautiful...and functional. What lash artist doesn't love that? The 3 settings come in handy @ different times of the service and it's sleek enough to take on the go. Although, truth be told, she stays in her box when not in use so she doesn't get disturbed.

    The best lash fan!!

    It works amazing!! I love the color! Everything is better in pink!

    Kimberly Jimenez
    Super nice !

    Love how it has a direct flow of air, 3 settings and very sleek design! Would definitely recommend and their customer service is awesome!