Virtual Classic Training

Virtual Classic Training

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Your basics. EVERYTHING you need to be a great lash artist. Classic lashing is the foundation of the entire skill and it's what you need for longevity in the industry. The entire course covers a ton of knowledge you won't get anywhere else: along with first hand marketing tips to have you thriving as a lash artist in no time!

Not sure if virtual is for you? Trust us when we say we have perfected this online course. Designed to keep the experience as personal as possible. You will feel like you have someone right over your shoulder but in the convenience of your own space!


Day 1 - Theory

We go through our in depth manual top to bottom to ensure you are set up for success. This covers the ins and out of the entire industry as well as skill, technique and setting up your business.

Day 2 - Practical

We go through the application process from beginning to end with the help of our FWL Daisy Doll Practice Head that is included in your kit.

All trainings include a kit!

  • Isolation Tweezers: curved is easier for beginners to ensure wrist placement is correct
  • Lash Cleanser: start off your sets by cleaning them natural lashes to get rid of dirt, debris and oils
  • Infinite Bond Adhesive: start off with a 2-3 second glue which gives you time to correct potential mistakes and to place the lashes
  • Volume Tweezers: JL45 or 90 For amazing grip and precise placement
  • Glue Rings / Jade Stone: for adhesive placement and to figure which is best for you
  • 0.05 and 0.07 in mix trays

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not just a product brand

Flowrish are here to be your lashing mentor. Our mission is to see you succeed.

In an industry where you are every part of your business, we are here to be a helping hand to help shape you into being the best version of yourself.

Everything you need, right here

Lashing is more than a skill, it’s a way of life. Let us help take you to the person you want and thrive to be. The best quality sets are created with high quality products, period.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Sabrina Quintero
"She made learning eyelash extension easier to understand"

I just finished my 2 day online classic eyelash training with Ariel. She was so nice and patient with her teaching. Always making sure to answer any questions. She made learning eyelash extension easier to understand. Now its time to practice everyday and make her training worth it! :)

Natalie Gutierrez
I’ve learned so much from her within 2 days!!!

Just finished my online lash training with Ariel, she was amazing and so kind!, she went through everything I needed to know thoroughly, I’ve learned so much from her within 2 days!!!

Nikalia Byrd

I just got done with my 2 day virtual lash course with Ariel and let me say it was THE BEST EXPERIENCE I’ve had! She is an amazing teacher and is very passionate about making sure you feel confident enough to start taking your first clients after the class. I didn’t feel rushed or like a bother when asking questions she encourages you to ask all the questions and goes in depth to really help you understand. She also helped me with the business aspect and even helped me with ideas on decorating my lash room..I wasn’t sure how virtual training was going to go but she was very attentive and communicated very well how everything would take place. I felt like she was with me during our calls and truly felt like i was confident to take my first client right away ! Her personality is amazing and her business is literally a reflection of her amazing ness .. I could literally go on and on about the greatest service i have ever received but you would be reading for days !! If your hesitate about virtual training!! Don’t be this is your sign to do it !!! You won’t regret it because i don’t !! She is truly amazing !!! She truly cares that you are successful as possible and wants you to keep in touch throughout your journey with questions you may have ,advice as you move forward a true mentorship !!! Thank you so much for this experience it was totally worth it and more !!!!