Hybrid Eyelash Extensions- what are they?

Hybrid lashes are a trend in the world of lash extensions. The idea behind hybrid lashes is to combine two different hair types for the perfect set of lashes, but what exactly does this mean? In this blog post, we will be discussing everything you need to know about hybrid eyelashes so that when someone asks, "What are hybrid lashes?" you can answer with confidence!

Hybrid lash extensions are a beautiful mix between mink and silk made up of a 50/50 blend of classic and volume lashes. These eyelashes provide the most natural look, just like real human hair! They also feel soft to touch, making them ideal for everyday wear. Many people choose these lashes because they want their lashes to look long but still have the volume at the same time. And with hybrid lashes, it is possible!

What are the benefits?

The hybrid lash is a beneficial choice when deciding what type of eyelash extensions you want. These lashes are much more comfortable than the other types because they have been specifically designed for easy wear and tear! If you've tried classic lashes and want to add a bit of extra volume, hybrid lashes offer a fuller lash line with the perfect blend of fullness and provide a more texturized lash look. There are many other reasons as to why people love these types of eyelash extensions:

Uniformed Look

0.05 Rose Volume in C Curl and Classics in 0.18 CC Curl 

Wispy Hybrids

Flat lashes in 0.15 D Curl and Rose Volume trays in 0.05 D Curl

Cat Eye

Rose Volume Trays in 0.05 D Curl & Tulip Flat 0.15 in D Curl

How long do they take to apply?

A full hybrid set usually lasts between two and three hours. A hybrid refill takes about an hour to complete. If you're a basic or volume regular, don't expect your lash naps to change! For quicker appointment times (if available at your local salon), consider working with a senior or master stylist (if such services are available).

Lash Maintenance

The good news is that brushing your lashes and extensions isn't difficult. And, since it is such a simple procedure, you should brush them at least once a day while they are in touch with water. To brush them effectively, follow these instructions:

1. Remember to be gentle with your lashes to avoid pulling or tugging them.

2. Use a good lash spoolie.

3. Brush at a 45-degree angle away from the attachment to prevent weakening the glue bond or removing the extensions free.

4. Brush in a motion that mimics the natural curl of the extension.

Maintaining your lashes is not that difficult once you know what to do. You may maintain lashes looking natural, avoid undesirable clumping and tangling, and keep them healthy and intact for the duration of your lash growth cycle by focusing on daily lash brushing.

You could be asking how your lashes can have these challenges, the issue is that your lashes get oil, water, dust, and debris throughout the day, which can eventually cause them to clump together, crisscross or become unmanageable.

Classic vs Hybrid

Hybrid lash extensions create a textured, spiky-looking lash line that appears rough and scratchy but is soft. Clients frequently debate whether to choose classic, hybrid, or volume lashes - the ever-increasing range of lash looks may provide a lot of perplexities

On the other hand, traditional eyelash extensions are perfect for individuals who want a subtle, natural lash boost and work well for people who prioritize length over volume.

There is no right or wrong solution to the timeless question: Which are better: hybrid lashes or classic lashes? It all depends on your client's natural lashes and the look they want to achieve.

Hybrid lashes are a great option if you want to have the best of both worlds. They combine two different lashes, which give you longer and fuller-looking eyelashes without having to go through any cosmetic surgery! Check out our beautiful collection of Flowrish hybrid lashes!