all about premade eyelash extensions

There's so many misconceptions about premade fans: that they're glued at the base- which then 'makes the fan too heavy when glueing them on' FALSE INFOOOO, let's bust these myths! In this blog you'll have these misunderstandings once and for all, lets gooo...

"Premades have bad retention"

False information, the lashes have barely any relevance to your retention- it usually the design of the premade and mostly the placement.

Bad placement of premades is probably the biggest cause of bad retention, using a mirror enables you to see the placement from all angles and ensure they are bonded correctly.

Another factor in regards to retention is the amount of glue used, you shouldn't be able to see the glue and should dip around 2mm-3mm into the base slowly, try at a 90° angle too.

"the bases are always thick"

This is exactly why we did extensive research and samples tonnes of suppliers, our bases are as small as they get. Pointy and sleek which is exactly how you want your fans to be!

Thick bases can cause more stickies, poor retention and attachment on a few lashes, which is not what you want!  

We sampled dozens of suppliers before we found our 'perfect' fans, we love pointy bases so we had to bring this passion to our customers.

"they're too expensive"

This is a tricky one, technically yes, they are more expensive than handmade BUT they typically don't take as long.. meaning you can fit in more clients a day.

Which obviously means a higher income for you, granted premades cost more but you will result in higher revenue. Our premades are affordable and luxury, high quality lashes.

"you can't tailor your sets"

This is partly true BUT you can lash in layers for a denser look, you can also mix up diameters within sets for a thicker look. We sell different diameters for this reason.

You can also add spikes, some handmade fans, classics and other premades to make them look denser.

"you can't charge as much"

Ummmm... you absolutely can! We have heard this been said so much and we think its totally unfair to say this, lashing is an art and a skill, it takes incredible precision to be a lash artist and you should never be made to feel bad for the products you use.

They are applied like classics, and can be seen as an 'express service' for volumes.

"there's already glue on the base"

Well, this is why our premades are heat bonded, if they are glued then the chances are there will be a minuscule amount of glue used anyway, but just be cautious if they are glue bonded.

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