why your clients eyes are red

after their lash appointment

Ending up with redness in the eye can be a common factor after having your eyelashes done.. whether you're a client and you're wondering why, or you're a lash artist, this blog will tell you everything you need to know! Let's get into it..

flickering eyes

When the eyelids flicker, this can cause fumes to go into the eye, leading to discomfort and redness,

Always avoid caffeine before your appointment, it causes your eyes to flicker which makes isolation and placement so much harder.

Some people have eyes that flicker and this can't be helped. Put tape around a coin and place on their eyelid, this'll limit the movement!

Talking can also cause this, use lip masks or kindly ask your clients to limit their talking. Put on music they enjoy or a podcast to listen too!

opened their eyes too early

Another reason redness can happen is when they open their eyes too early after the set. Fumes can travel into the eye which can be super uncomfortable.

Always remind your clients to keep their eyes closed for a few minutes after you've finished.

Pass them a fan to help with the fumes or use a super bonder to cure the glue right away! Always check if your client has allergies before applying any products.

adhesive fumes

Fumes within some glues can be super strong, cyanoacrylate is in every lash glue, period. Always use a drop of water/superbonder to cure your glue dot when you're finished with it/replacing it.

If their eyes are open even the smallest bit, fumes can travel into their eyes causing the redness! This can be avoided by curing your glue and ensuring their eyes are closed. Try using a clear glue on clients with sensitivity.

lash placement

If you're placing the lashes too close to the lid, this can cause irritation/redness. As well as placing lashes on the bottom lashes that have come away from the pads/tape!

Always ensure you're placing the extensions 0.5mm-1mm away from the root of the natural lashes to avoid irritation and redness in the eye.

Also check throughout that your extensions are placed on the top lashes, not the lower.

pad/tape placement

This is probably the biggest cause of redness of the eye after a set- and sometimes we have to take responsibility.

It's easy to not know if you don't check often or your clients don't tell you they're uncomfortable!

Check often to see if the pads/tape have ridden up into the eye to limit discomfort and pain!

allergic reactions

Now then, it's important to know the difference between a client having an allergic reaction to the glue and sensitivity.

Allergic Reactions- puffiness, itchiness, pain and redness.

Chemical Burn- gritty feeling, bloodshot, stinging, soreness

Redness is a symptom of a reaction, but look into the other factors first too.

Try using a clear glue on clients with allergies to carbon black.

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