Are you ready to be a lash artist?

 Well, now that your mind is set on this profession, it’s time to get certified! But before you go ahead and enroll in that random lash training you saw online, there are a few important things you need to consider first.

You wouldn’t want to spend a huge chunk of money and end up regretting it after the training. We’re here to help you avoid that, so keep reading before it’s too late.


Narrow your choices down by just focusing on lash courses in your area. Make sure that the place where you’ll get your lash training is accredited. Every state has different regulations so it’s important to consider your location. For instance, lash courses are different for the US and Canada so the accreditation process would greatly differ.


Their portfolio will say so much about the kind of training they offer. This is very necessary for you to take a good look at! It’s because there are times when some lash artists think that they can already jump into training aspiring lash techs just to make money. However, some of them may not even have enough experience to give thorough training yet! You’d want to avoid this so make sure that you go through their portfolio well.


It’s been a norm to search for online reviews before doing or purchasing something. Reviews are also something you should look for when planning to take a lash course. Most of the time, reviews can easily be found publicly on their social media pages. But if you feel like you want to see more than just what’s posted on the site, then you may also ask the trainer if she can send some over to you. 


The course outline should match reasonably with the duration of the course. If a 1-day course claims to cover classics and volumes for beginners, then this is an obvious red flag! Be careful not to fall for money-grabbing schemes like this because you’ll end up spending so much on inefficient training. A heavy course load can’t be covered in just a few hours because theory and practical training would require more time.


You need to make sure you have support after your training, there's tons of information you need to learn, which can't be learnt overnight. A lot of lash knowledge is made by doing and practicing. Make sure you have ongoing support after your initial training and that your trainer is accessible after their training should you (which you will) need help or guidance. Double check with your potential trainer what perks you receive after your training. Flowrish have an active Facebook group with over 5k members and access to Ariel Renee if the students need any advice.


Your lash training should include what you need to get started. Lash supply inclusions vary a lot depending on the trainer or training school but generally, they should provide the basic lash supplies for you to be able to at least practice. These usually include lashes, tape, pads, glue, remover, tweezers as well as primers or cleanser. Bigger things like beds, ring lights and chairs are left up to you to buy.

These 5 factors should help you make the right decision in terms of getting a lash course to have you certified. All of these include thorough research and proper planning. Your research should also include comparing details from different trainings. Doing so will prevent you from wasting money! Too often you hear about how upset people are because they were left without proper training after paying tons of bucks.

It’s also ideal to make sure how transparent your trainer is. Are they open about all the details of their offers? Do you get an overall good vibe and do you actually like their work? The answers to these questions should help you determine whether you should go for that trainer or not. Liking their work plays a big part because lashing is so personal and you will pick up your style based on how you get trained, so go with what you like!