virtual eyelash extension training

Elevate your skills,

boost your career,

unleash your creativity.

The training occurs through Zoom, spanning two full days. The first day covers theoretical aspects, while the second day focuses on practical application using the provided kit and practice head.

After completing the two-day course, participants will benefit from 12 weeks of weekly consult calls, offering ongoing support to help kickstart their new career. 

Our expertise in virtual training has enabled us to craft a system that fosters a sense of being right alongside you throughout the learning experience.


Over 16 years combined experience

200+ students trained

100% satisfaction rate

over 100k combined followers

6 figure business' created

Thousands of happy customers

what's included?

why train with us?

Trust us when we say we have perfected our courses. Designed to keep the experience as personal as possible, you'll feel supported and confidence from start to finish. This is the difference between good lash training and great lash training 

After the 2 day of training, this is where you need the most help.. that's where we want to be there for you  We want to hold you accountable and ensure you reach your goals within the industry and this is how we can see the progress, That's why we provide a 12-week period ofcontinuous support, and beyond that, the assistance remains ongoing.


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