Flowrish Infinite Bond

$45.00 CAD
  • - Infinite Bond will give your clients the comfort they deserve with its high retention and incredibly low fumes
  •  - An adhesive that delivers a 6-8 week retention at a 2-3 second drying time
  • - It features the strongest bond in the safest way possible with ideal characteristics to keep your clients happy
  • - Keeping you and your clients safe with latex-free and formaldehyde-free formula
  • - Our infinite bond is ideal at a 40%-60% humidity range in combination with Flowrish Lashes

Strong hold

An eyelash extension is meant to bond to the natural lash up until its time for the natural lash to shed. The stronger the bond, the more chemicals in the adhesive and this is not really good for your client or yourself. Infinite Bond is a unique formula that ensures a very strong hold as long as it’s in the appropriate humidity level. A strong hold is not only dependent on your adhesive but also to some surrounding factors. To enhance your bond, make sure the clients’ natural lashes are thoroughly cleansed and dry. Be sure to use the appropriate cleanser depending on your client’s skin type – whether it’s dry or oily. This will also include the use of a primer.

low fumes adhesive 

High fumes from adhesives have been normalized in the lashing scene. However, it should be not. Though we use a very strong product to ensure the eyelash extensions last long, we need to understand what goes into our adhesive. Some ingredients can be very harmful, such as Latex and Formaldehyde. These are dangerous ingredients that are quite common and often get confused with allergies. These ingredients are the main cause for burning in your client’s eyes when they open as well as the runny nose you can experience when lashing. Infinite bond is formulated without latex or formaldehyde to give you a long-lasting bond in the safest way possible.


hUMIDITY 40-60%

Adhesives do not dry like regular cosmetic-grade glue. It is a type of glue that cures instead. This means that a particular adhesive reaches its maximum bond by drawing moisture from the air once it is applied. Therefore, the humidity of your lashing area plays a huge role in retention. Our Infinite Bond has a large window of humidity to work with between 40-60%. This requires you to have a hygrometer to keep tabs on your temperature. A humidifier can be used to manipulate the humidity when needed.




Why your clients will like it? 

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Reduce the burning eyes that your clients may feel with regular adhesives. No one likes that feeling, it's the worst! 

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Latex is one of the main causes on why client's may have an allergic reaction. Avoiding latex helps reduce any risk of that.

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You may not know this but this ingredient which is found in most adhesives can cause cancer. There is no reason to go into detail, that says enough.

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Safe and great retention? Not only would you notice a difference but your clients will too.

What our customers think

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Lash Artist

My Clients absolutely love this glue because it has such low fumes! Retention has also been really great using this glue, I have had clients come back with 70% lashes still on after 3 weeks! I defiantly recommend this to every lash artist out there. It's a complete game changer! 

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Lash Artist

I have recently tried Flowrish lashes adhesive and I can say hands down it is one of the best adhesives I've used ! My first set using the glue was a volume set and it fanned very well! It took little to no time to hold the fan in place without the fan closing on its own ! It also dried right away between each lash attachment ! It definitely cut my lashing time down! ALSO I loved that there is no fume during the application! I have had past clients that were sensitive to the fume but those same clients said they didn't feel anything with Flowrish Lashes Adhesive ! No irritation and no sensitivity ...love it !!!!

customer image


Lash Artist

I absolutely love this glue. I have tried many different ones through out the years and this is by far my favourite. The retention is like non other and the dry time is almost instant. It’s safe to say I finally found the perfect glue! It has made my lashing so much easier. Paired with the Flowrish lashes my clients are never disappointed



If you are not pleased with the Infinite bond within 15 days after receiving it, we will guarantee your money back! Flowrish Lashes takes pride in customer satisfaction and we strive at the highest level of integrity!