Under Eyepads
Under Eyepads
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Under Eyepads

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Our lint free eyepads must have for any client, they're used for placing the lower lashes down and they're super comfy with great adhesion.

They're also great for taping the lashes up during their appointment to avoid any stickiness and to lash in layers.

Ensure they're place 0.5mm-1mm away from the natural lashes and never come into contact with the lash line or eyeball, this can cause burns, uncomfortable sessions and redness.

  • They need to be stored away from direct sunlight and kept at room temperature.
  • Use immediately after opening.
  • Comfortable and breathable
  • 2 eyepads per pack
  • 15 pairs per purchase
  • Hydrogel and versatile shape
  • Matte white finish
  • Available in both narrow and wide

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Lint free under eye pads

Loved these as a first time user. They come with a slit that is easy to work with when placing under clients eyes. It’s also easy to peel

Jenny Ramirez
Great for sensitive eyes

Literally no issues with this one! It’s super quick and easy to put on the under eyes, and they will STAY. They don’t move or adjust on their own. I love these! Don’t second guess just buy

Paiton Spratt
So sticky!!

I’ve tried other eyepads and they’ve never been sticky enough. These ones are my new go to! I’m obsessed

Kaydian Panton
The best gel pads ever!!

Hands down the best under eye gel pads I’ve ever used! They actually stay in place and this is the only shop I buy my gel pads from because of the amazing quality and customer service.

Emily Caceres
Narrow Eyepads

I ordered the infinite bond adhesive and a couple of them came with it and I used them and absolutely fell in love! Just came to order them and they were out of stock :( will definitely be ordering soon!