Essential Tools Every Lash Artist Should Have

As a lash artist, having the right tools is crucial for creating stunning eyelash extensions that stand out. Whether you're a seasoned professional or just starting your lash journey, having a well-equipped toolkit is essential for delivering exceptional results. In this blog post, we'll explore the ten must-have tools that every lash artist should have in their arsenal. From precision tweezers to high-quality adhesives, let's dive into the world of lash artistry tools.

the correct adhesive

When it comes to creating stunning and long lasting lash extensions, choosing the right lash adhesive is of utmost importance. The adhesive serves as the beginning for the bond between the natural lashes and the extensions.

With a secure bond, increased longevity, client comfort, appropriate drying time, compatibility with various lash types, and safety considerations, the right adhesive sets the foundation for success.

primer or cleanser

Primer optimises the pH of the NL, so if you're using this on non-oily lashes this can cause poor retention as the pH levels will be off for bonding. It also strips the natural lash of natural oils and residue.

You should always cleanse your clients lashes before their appointment if you're not priming, this will remove dirt, make-up and bacteria off the natural lash removing any potential barriers for good retention and prevents inflammation.

high quality tweezers

High-quality tweezers provide a superior grip, allowing you to firmly hold the lashes and extensions without slipping or dropping them.

There's nothing worse than low quality tweezers when you're lashing: struggling to find the sweet spot and unable to fan or isolate properly. This adds time onto your sets, therefore losing you out on money.

a lash mirror

A lash mirror is an indispensable tool for lash artists who strive for excellence in their craft. Its ability to provide enhanced visibility, better lash isolation, and quality control elevates the lash application process.

By incorporating a lash mirror into your routine, you'll enhance your professionalism, boost client confidence, and continually improve your skills as a lash artist. 

ultra lash fan

A lash fan is an essential tool that offers a multitude of advantages for lash artists. It reduces glue fumes, ensures client comfort and you can retail them to your clients.

By integrating a lash fan into your lash application process, you can elevate client satisfaction and achieve a profit by selling them.


Your working conditions are the make or break of your sets, if you don't know your working conditions how are you going to check if your adhesive matches your needs?

Adhesives are very fussy, you need to have the correct temp and humidity for them to perform to their best ability, invest in a hydrometer and you can tweak your room if need be.

glue storage container

Lash glue storage containers are so overlooked, they keep the bottle upright to stop glue travelling up the nozzle as well as keeping your adhesive away from moisture, which prolongs the life of your lash glue!

When your glue is in a sealed container, it's less exposed to oxygen, ensuring it lasts longer: which means you're saving money replacing it as often.

Having the right tools is essential for every lash artist's success. By investing in these essential tools, you'll be equipped to create stunning eyelash extensions and provide exceptional experiences for your clients. Remember, quality tools contribute to quality work, so make sure your toolkit is complete and up to date for your lash artistry journey.

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