Flowrish lashes

AUGUST 10, 2023

The Science of Eye Shapes: Customizing Lash Extensions for Every Client

Our eyes are the windows to our soul, unique in their shape, size, and expression. As lash artists, understanding the science behind eye shapes allows us to customize lash extensions for every client, enhancing their natural beauty.

Different eye shapes call for different lash styles. For instance, round eyes can be wonderfully accented by applying longer lash extensions at the outer corners, giving a gentle cat-eye effect that accentuates their openness. On the other hand, almond-shaped eyes, with their natural elongation, can handle more volume at the center, giving a stunning doe-eyed look.

Eye set is another factor that influences lash application. For close-set eyes, longer extensions at the outer corners can create the illusion of wider-set eyes. Conversely, for wide-set eyes, more volume towards the inner corners can draw the eyes together.

Deep-set or hooded eyes may need longer and curlier extensions to ensure the lashes are visible and make the eyes pop, while protruding eyes can be subtly balanced with a mix of long and short lashes, adding depth and reducing the appearance of protrusion.

But customization is not just about eye shape and set—it also involves lifestyle and personal preferences. An active client might prefer a more natural, fuss-free style, while someone who loves a bit of drama might opt for mega volume lashes.

Being a master lash artist involves an exciting blend of art and science. It's about understanding the contours of each client's eyes and choosing a Flowrish product that will suit their shape, enhance their beauty, and make their eyes truly unforgettable. After all, in the world of lashes, one size does not fit all—it's all about that personal touch.