Are you frustrated that your eyelash sets aren't as thick or as dense as hoped?

You're not alone, and there can be many causes for this. There are a lot of factors to take on board in regards to why your eyelash extension sets don't look as 'mega volume' as you'd like.

1. are you mapping your sets?

When we say mapping we mean- are you evaluating their eyes to what mapping they need? Are you mixing up curls to create a denser and fluffy look? Have you planned out what lengths to do where etc etc.

If you want thicker sets, we recommend mixing up lengths and curls, adding different curls in your sets will create texture and thicker sets.

2. are you layering?

Lash layering is a technique used during the process of applying eyelash extensions. It involves taping the lashes (both natural and extensions if required) back to reveal the bottom layer of lashes (or unlashed naturals during a set/infills)

Why should I do it?

When lashing in layers, applying shorter lengths onto the bottom layer will thicken up your lash sets and make them appear fuller.

Adding wider fans to the bottom layer of your sets will also make them look denser.

3. are you lashing every lash?

There are conflicted arguments on whether you should lash 100% of the natural eyelashes, we personally would say you should- your clients are paying for a service so you should do everything you can to ensure great retention.

If you're struggling with isolation or lashing all the natural lashes, try new isolation tweezers, try taping the lashes back. Use tape to your advantage! Don't over look it.

You can't expect to have a thick set if you're not lashing the majority of them.

4. are you using the correct diameter?

here are our recommendations:

  • 0.07 - 6D fan
  • 0.05 - 8D fan
  • 0.03 - 15D fan
  • 0.10, 0.15, 0.20 - 1 per 1 natural lash

When lashing, for mega volume we recommend using 0.03 as you can use more lashes per fan, thus making them thicker and fluffier.

Putting more lashes on per natural lash can cause extreme pain for the client, poor retention and damaged natural lashes!


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