Improve Your Lash Retention in 3 Steps

Let's be honest, we've all struggled with lash retention at one point or another, struggling with pop-ups during a set, poor retention on one eye, or retaining clients, we've been there and done that and we have three simple steps to change your retention game

Before we dive into how to overcome them, let's talk about what they actually are. Pop off's are extensions that aren't bonding or sticking and simply popping off the natural lash, this is due to the glue curing before the lash has been placed. It may seem like it's bonded, but will then brush off, don't let these fool you... always check over your sets before you let your client leave.

Poor retention on one eye can be due to a few things, depending what side you have your eyelash glue on: it may be that the queue is curing before you place, it may be that the client is sleeping on that side (don't immediately blame the client for this) or that your wrist/hand placement isn't correct! Easily changeable, read ahead for more help..

Or their aftercare is poor. Clean lashes last longer!!!

1. Invest in a hygrometer

Why should I?

Hygrometers accurately measure the humidity and temperature of your room and clearly indicate if the moisture level is too low or too high. This is going to help reduce bad retention and ensure you get an optimal bond out of your adhesive. 

Lash adhesive doesn't dry, it actually cures. Why is this relevant? The curing process refers to the adhesive hardening based off the amount of moisture it requires in the air.

This means your rooms moisture level (humidity) needs to be measured and should have an adhesive that works within the room conditions you have. Having too low of a humidity level can slow the curing process while having too high of a level can speed up the process.

2. Cleansing advice

Educate your clients on daily cleansing

Lash Shampoo gets in between every lash and extension to avoid oil, debris and dirt build up. Not getting your lashes wet for 24 hours is an old saying, and now a myth. Eyelash glue has completely changed since eyelash extensions originated and times have changed: a lot of techs actually offer a post lash cleanse.

The reasons some techs say not to get them wet is because they stick together and lose their fluffiness, if they are cleaned, brushed and dried after getting wet then your lashes will stay on top!

You can get your lashes wet, you shouldn't shield them away from water, they need DAILY cleansing with a Lash Shampoo only. Not cleansing your lashes will result in poor retention.

3. Use a lash mirror throughout

Eyelash extension and wrist placement

This is something else we do bang on about but we can't stress the importance of lash placement. Click here to watch 4 ways to place the extension onto the natural lash.

Using a lash mirror ensures you can see where you have placed the extension, it's quite common to place the lashes incorrectly and using a lash mirror can limit this happening as you can gain access to angles that you can't see from above.

Always ensure you're placing and bonding the lashes correctly or this will result in poor retention and maybe a loss of clients! It's also super important to make sure your wrist is comfortable when lashing: hold your tweezers in your thumb, ring and index finger and make sure it's comfortable. Ask your clients to manoeuvre if your wrist is hurting/uncomfortable.

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