Is your Lash glue working for you?

Signs your adhesive isn't right for you

  • You're getting stickies in your sets
  • Your glue goes gloopy/stringy quickly

  • Your retention is poor
  • It doesn't match your room conditions


What are stickies?

When your lash extensions are stuck together.

This can happen when your glue doesn't cure fast enough, if you're not isolating properly or if your clients don't follow the correct aftercare!

How can I avoid them as a lash artist?

By using a faster curing glue OR a glue that matches your room conditions. You can determine this by the use of a hygrometer.

Have you tried our adhesives? If not, determine whether they're right for you here. (scroll to the end photo for comparison)

stringy/ gloopy glue

This happens when your glue is either too hot or too cold! (the viscosity of the glue has changed)

How can I fix this?

Simply, by ensuring the glue is back to its optimal temperature.

After storing it correctly (upright, in an airtight container) and matching the glue to your room conditions, shake it and you're good to go!

Or another issue could be that you've left your glue dot too long during your lash set, change it straight away!

poor retention

The dreaded nightmare of a lash artist..

But why am I having bad retention?

When your glue isn't in the correct conditions, the lashes can cure too quickly and pop off during the set or quickly after. If this is happening, check your humidity/temperature levels and go from there.

Don't let this get you down, it's an easy fix! We highly recommend the use of a hygrometer and we cannot stress this enough! Your adhesive shouldn't be a guessing game. If you've change your glue and you're still having issues, read here.

room conditions

As mentioned previously (and you can probably tell) room conditions are everything.

This goes for both storage and your actual room. We can't stress the importance of keeping your glue both upright and stored in a container,

But why?

When the adhesive bottle is rolling around everywhere, the glue can get caught in the nozzle causing it to clog which can cause the nozzle to stick to the lid!

eyelash extension clear adhesive black glue
eyelash extension black adhesive black glue
eyelash extension black adhesive black glue