4 ways to keep clients coming back

ensure their lashes last

Your clients come to get their lashes done and expect them to last, I mean, can you blame them?

You can't retain clientele if your service isn't 10/10..

  • Make sure your glue is suitable for your room conditions
  • Try cleansing before, or priming or a super bonder
  • Go through aftercare thoroughly every appointment
  • Try a different mapping
  • Experiment with shorter lengths
  • Swap for a hybrid/light volume if classic isn't working

offer incentives that benefit you both

Try loyalty cards or a refer a friend scheme: it's better to make $10 less on your clients set AND gain a full set than neither. Their friend may become a loyal client as well!

  • Retail aftercare kits with everything they need and more: a keyring spoolie, a lollipop, aftercare cards in an empty lash tray box, a handwritten note etc etc.
  • Offer a grace period, maybe 2 days after their set (providing you're at fault) a free fix, a discounted rate.
  • If you post giveaways on socials, let them know- maybe add an extra entry for every appointment they come to during

create a safe space

Your clients trust you enough to use medical grade glue on their eyelashes, while laying there with their eyes closed, so make sure they trust you.

As much as some hate it, you are their 'therapist' they tell you everything, so make sure they feel like they can open up to you enough that's comfortable for you both!

  • Make your room cosy (but hygienic) with warm lighting
  • Find out more about your clients
  • Write down information about them to recap at their next appointment
  • Don't talk about other clients, ever! GDPR is mega important
  • Let them know they're not a burden 

respond punctually

And we don't mean when they message you at 2am you need to respond by 2:01am

We mean:

  • Within your working hours, put these on your highlights on your story
  • Automated messages: let them know you have received their message and will reply when you're available
  • Always remain professional: don't let this slide, no matter how close you are to them
  • Redirect them to your booking app, if you have one
  • Never blame them for any issues firstly: get them in for a consultation

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