Natural Eyelash Cycle Explained..

What are the three eyelash stages?📘

  1. Anagen, the growth phase
  2. Catagen, the transition phase
  3. Telogen, the resting phase


Also known as, the growth phase which can last from 4-10 weeks, this is the stage where eyelashes begin to grow [between 0.12mm-0.14mm a day.] There are only a small amount of the lashes that will be in this phase at a time, your natural lashes are using your blood supply to fuel their growth during this stage to give your lashes the chance to grow to a certain length!


Better known as, the transition phase which can last from 2-3 weeks, your hair follicle shrinks and then detaches from your blood supply and then the natural lash stops growing. This happens when the natural eyelashes have reached their designated lengths. If an eyelash is disrupted during the catagen phase then it’ll take even longer to grow back, and in some cases, can cause permanent damage.


Which is, the resting phase aka is the final lash stage, which can last for up to 3 months. The hair has stopped growing and is preparing to shed and restart its cycle. It is estimated around 50% of your lashes are in this phase at once, a baby hair grows inside the follicle and the natural lash rests until pushed out.

See below a diagram of the eyelash cycle:


Anagen should never be lashed due to them being fragile and brittle.đŸ„€

Did you know?

We shed from 2-5 lashes per day. Eyelashes are there to protect our eyes, and our upper lids have around 90 to 180 lashes, and our lower lids have around 70 to 90.🙀

Did you learn about our eyelash cycle in your training? It's important to understand this as a lash artist, ensuring eyelash extensions are applied correctly with no natural lashes being damaged in the process. If you have any questions or need advice, email us on or DM us on socials @flowrishlashes / @flowrishlashestraining