Preparing For Your Eyelash Extension Appointment

When they say eyelash extensions are an addiction, they're not wrong. It goes from "I just want classics, a natural look." to "Can I have mega vol 16mm please?"

But if you haven't had your lashes done before, you won't know the do's and do not's of your lash appointment.

You pay a lot of money for your lashes, so let's ensure great retention and comfort during the service.

use the bathroom beforehand

There is nothing worse than needing to use the toilet when you have to lay dead still.

If you ask your lash artist to go before your appointment they will be glad they didn't have to guide you eyes closed,

hand holding to use the restroom!

avoid caffeine

Caffeine causes your eyes to flicker which makes isolation

& placement so much harder. Also leading to flickering eyes which can

result in redness & possibly chemical burn.

If your eyes don't flicker after having caffeine, you're one of the lucky ones.

!! no make up / creams !!

The bane of a lash artists life, trying to place a pad/tape with

face makeup on is a nightmare.

The pads slide around, the tape doesn't stick properly.

The product you put on can also transfer onto your lash artists hands.

It can also cause poor retention if you have product on your lashes.

remove contact lenses

Chemical burn is no joke.

It can literally result in permanent damage to your eyes.

Exposure can be through flickering eyes or opening them too early!

Ensure you as a lash artist have asked, and as a client removed them if necessary.

cleanse before your appointment

Clean lashes last longer, they look better and they're easier to infill.

Cleansing them before increases retention & saves your lash artist time.

We also recommend cleansing them daily after your appointment too,

your lash artist should be educating you on the importance of aftercare.

wear comfortable clothes

Being comfy is one of the best feelings.

Try and avoid hoodies as the hood can get uncomfortable to lay on.

Avoid wearing hair clips or a low bun this is not comfortable when l down.

turn your phone on silent

Please don't use your phone during your appointment.

Opening your eyes can lead to chemical burn and redness.

Leave it on silent and relax.

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