understanding lash curls
c curls

C - for clients who want a 'natural look' commonly used for texture in sets too. 

CC - an in between curl: D and C, becoming more common and amazing for a textured look.

d curls

D - d stands for drama. One of our best selling curls, perfect for opening up the eye and a dramatic look.

DD - not for the faint hearted, for them dramatic sets. The curliest of the curls, often used for either spikes or mega volume sets.

j & b curls

J - the least curly lash, mimics the natural eyelash for a slight curvature. Mostly used for bottom lashes nowadays

B - slightly curlier than J curl, perfect for the shortest inner corners, typically used for bottom lashes too.

l & m curls

L - l for lift, perfect for fox eye sets and for straight lashes, typically used on the ends mixed with C on the inners.

M - more curly than L, perfect for down pointing lashes. straight base with a C curl look-a-like

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