3 ways to retain clientele

1. Social connections

Your family and friends are your biggest supporters, let them know about your business and offer to do their lashes discounted and ask for them to refer you and share the word. Also bare in mind your connections from different industries, if you know people who work in specific industries like nurses, PR personnel, or even students, then you maximize these connections by offering them your service. Let’s say you did your client’s lash who’s a nurse and works in a hospital, there’s a big possibility that her colleagues would notice. They would then ask where your client got it from and the roads would lead back to you. Starting your conversations yourself – when the opportunity arises when you have the chance to talk about your business and profession, then jump right onto it! When someone asks questions that can possibly lead to lashing, then take it as a chance to educate them about lashing.

2. chasing up appointments

When you are fully booked, you don't need to reach out to clients in regards to appointments as 1) you're full anyway and 2) you won't have the time too chase, but when you are in a quieter period you have the opportunity to message your clients in regards to their apps, some clients may be forgetful when it comes to booking to their infills, reach out to them and ask if they need another appointment or give them the option to book when they're ready, some may feel pressured so offering the latter ensures they have another option.

We have all had a nightmare client when it comes to them booking infills, if you know their schedule message and ask "Do you have any plans after work two weeks today? If not, I have availability for infills then, if not heres my other app times you can have ....."

3. wearing lashes yourself

Advertise your work by flaunting your own lashes! Nobody else can represent your brand better than yourself! Wear your lashes with confidence and chances are, people will just randomly approach you and ask you where you got your lashes done. This now becomes a great an opportunity for you to promote your work. Start a friendly conversation and make sure to share them your social media accounts so they’ll know where to reach you. Even if they won’t get the lashes themselves, there’s a great chance that they’ll tell their family and friends about you.

Everyone knows someone who gets their lashes done, and its always a "Oh I love your lashes, where do you go?" The exposure for your business could potentially bring in a whole new clientele.

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